Nine O Nine – Drinkery & Kitchen

We believe every area deserves a local pub, that provides the food that goes best with drinks, along with the music and the best lighting system that will keep you high. We at nine o nine are determined to make conversations with your friends longer. Relive and embrace the memories while making new ones. We are the first-ever happening pub in Kothaguda and we are bound to being at the top. We bring the best bands from across India, the cuisines around the globe to tickle your senses and make your time more memorable. Hit our magical dance floor to explore yourself and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

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Near Victoria Memorial Metro Station, Pillar No. 1632, Vaishnavi ONYX 2, Kothapet, Hyderabad – 500035


We are all crafted to establish the best party environment for you at the most happening part of the city, with the glass held high while you groove to the moves. We are determined to make your evenings as memorable as possible with good drinks, good food, and good laughs.

Experience Soaring Parties

Are you searching for a happening place in the neighborhood? We bring the best bands and DJs from all over India. Party with us and let the music and lights keep you high all the night.

Our Signature Menu

Secret of 9O9

Bartender Secret

Smokey Orange Jam

A very delicious and playful drink reflects the same sweet and sour properties of orange marmalade with strawberry and smokey notes of Tennessee whiskey

Flaming Valcano

A tropical cocktail made with over roof Rum, Vodka, Orange and Sambuca

Body Detox

An alcoholic version for the regular body detox juice made with Grey goose

Fog Cutter

A vintage cocktail that calls for a mixture of several liquors(Rum, Brandy, Gin), the juice of lemon and oranges, Orgeat syrup and cream sherry.

Miami Sour

A delicious drink made with whiskey and hazelnut liqueur frangelico shaken with lemon juice, simple syrup topped up with blood of grape.

The libertine

Our take on complex Libertine cocktail featuring bourbon, Simple syrup, fresh rosemary, orange marmalade, maple syrup and egg white brings balanced flavours.

Sugar cookie martini

We captured the sweet taste of sugar cookies in our cookie martini made with Irish cream liqueurs, amaretto and vodka-it's a perfect holiday cocktail which you really cannot have enough.

marble queen

Make way for the marble queen-A cocktail bursting with coconut flavour made with Tequila, coco Lopez cream of coconut topped with maraschino cherry.


Nothing brings people together like good food that goes best with your drinks.


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.


Drinks/Alcohol brings to light the hidden secret of the soul


Don't let the high go wasted, dance it out.

Say Cheers!

The most happening place in your neighborhood is all set and ready to host your private parties and corporate events. Contact us, to plan for the best event experience with us.